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Zarex Corporation - overview.

Zarex Corporation - a privately held Indiana Corporation - was established in 1995 by Frederick Hohman, a leading American concert organist and an audio producer / engineer. Hohman's experience includes over a decade at the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester, New York), where he earned the Performer's Certificate, Mus.B. [distinction], M.M. and D.M.A. degrees. Zarex was initially formed to serve the business needs of the Pro Organo CD label. Pro Organo was established as a commerical, classical music recording label in 1984, and is now wholly-owned and administered by Zarex.

Zarex Corporation has nothing to do with the chocolate soft drink by the name of Zarex that was first popular in New England in the mid to late 20th-century. Zarex Corporation takes its name from one of the many muses that interacted with Apollo in Greek mythology. The character named Zarex was "the messenger of music" and would deliver messages in song upon arriving at his destination. Since audio recordings of music are modern-day objects that serve much the same function, bringing music to the recipient, Zarex was the name chosen when the Pro Organo label acquired a corporate identity.

Zarex expanded to TV program production in 1996, with the Midnight Pipes tv series (1996-2000). Series excerpts from Zarex's Midnight Pipes series are posted for archival viewing at YouTube). Production and post-production of the series was handled by Zarex HD studio. The studio upgraded to HDTV in 2007. Today, Zarex HD serves the promotional needs of new releases on the Pro Organo label.

In 2004, Zarex announced the publication of a short series of organ music scores, which are available under the brand name Zarex Scores. Beginning in 2013, Zarex Scores items will be sold at the website.

In 2008, Zarex diversified further, with an attempt to develop a new line of switching systems for both digital organ and pipe organ consoles, branded under the "Pipewave™" trademark. Although new switching products had reached an intermediate stage of development in 2011, as of October, 2012, Zarex has ceased development in this area, opting instead to reserve the Pipewave trade name for a series of innovations and improvements to physical organ console design.

Concert appearances by organist Frederick Hohman, and occasionally the concert apperances of other artists who have appeared on Pro Organo label releases, are administered through the auspices of Zarex Corporation.

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